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Rory Buszka, Techgage (Icon and S-1)
In both design and execution, NuForce’s first complete PC audio system is impressive. The stylish S-1 speakers and slim Icon-1 USB DAC/integrated amplifier convey a level of sophistication that’s thus far been unmatched by any other system I’ve encountered, and together they deliver an audio performance that befits their high-end audio pedigree.
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Christopher Jones, Playback (Icon)
Review rating: Design and Features 9/10; Highs 9/10; Mids  9/10; Bass  8/10; Imaging & Soundstaging  9/10; Value 9/10
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Kevin Hunt, The Chicago Tribune (Icon)
“…The Icon, no bigger than Madonna’s little black book (the paperback version), suggests what music in the home might become if we don’t devolve into a nation of iPhone or iPod or iTouch speaker-dock addicts. At its best, this $249 device summons something far greater than dock-quality music….
…Neither complaint will stop me from calling the Icon one of the year’s hottest new products…”
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Gary Krakow, (Icon and S-1)
“…Here’s the payoff: You will not believe how good this combination sounds. The Icon/S-1 combo produces the best-quality sound I’ve ever heard coming from my computer…
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Danny Dumas/Christopher Jones, (Icon)
Rating: 8/10
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Thom Moon, (Icon)
All in all, the NuForce Icon is a fantastic small amplifier. I recommend it for any application in small spaces such as offices, bedrooms, dorm rooms, etc. With a set of good, sensitive speakers and nearly any kind of music, the NuForce Icon will give you a system that really satisfies.
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Wes Phillips, Stereophile
At $249, it’s an amazing little integrated amplifier with USB DAC, and it’s styled and built to a farethee-well. Who cares if it doesn’t drive $3000/pair audiophile speakers better than the high-priced gewgaws? Not me—and I’m picky. I don’t think NuForce designed the Icon for people who have $3000 speakers or are comfortable buying them. The Icon is a “Now I get it” product for people who think good-sounding audio is expensive and silly…
I think I now know why the Icon has a capital I and the other iPod-inspired products don’t: It deserves it.
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Srajan Ebaen, (Icon review)
As far as bare presentation goes, it’s like, dialed, dog. I kid you not. The carrying handle conjures up images of urban chixters and city slickers sashaying out of a trendy inner city boutique….
The DeVores confirmed a few suspicions the Rubies had already engendered. One, the Icon does bass completely beyond its size. Two, it’s slightly warm and not at all clinically bleached, giving the very neutral Nines the small boost of ‘tonality’ I find they want. Three, the treble is unexpectedly smooth….

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