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Nuforce UF-30 Headphones
MSRP $79
Available in Black, Pearl and Red

The UF-30 Headphones have been specifically designed to work with the iPod and similar portable devices.  At the heart of these lightweight, foldable headphones are NuForce’s proprietary UltrasoneŽ drivers for utmost clarity and tight, deep bass. Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic Natural Surround Sound delivers a three-dimensional image, creating a sound-world significantly different from that of conventional headphones.  Nuforce has utilized its high-end audiophile sound expertise to introduce the UF-30.  Users will find that UF-30 outperforms many similar headphones costing more than 2 to 3 times its price.  Return within 30 days for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the sound quality.

Like many audiophile devices, the UF-30 will be at its sonic best after about 40 hours of play-time. 

-> learn more about S-Logic


  • Audiophile-quality performance coupled with S-Logic surround-sound-effect for a richly dimensioned sonic image.
  • High-sensitivity 30mm Ultrasone drivers designed for optimal performance with iPods, iPhones and similar devices, whether unamplified or amplified by Nuforce’s Icon-Mobile Headphone Amp.
  • Foldable, over-the-ear design for long-term comfort.
  • Scratch resistant and luscious automotive paint.


  • Driver: UltrasoneŽ 30mm moving coil
  • Impedance: 35 Ohm
  • Plug: 3.5mm 3-pin Stereo
  • Weight: 85g
  • Accessory: Carrying Pouch

RoHS certified.