Product Accessories


NuForce Icon Adapter I (black color)

Available date: To be determine.

NuForce Icon Adapter I is a USB+3.5mm to iPod Dock Connector that sends line level audio out from your iPod, providing better sound quality than using the headphone jack from iPod.

It allows you to control the volume of your iPod through your stereo or headphone amplifier (such as NuForce Icon Mobile) instead of having to adjust the volume on the iPod. The compact connector is designed to attach to the iPod.

Icon Adapter I also allows iPod to be connected to the computer via USB cable.  iPod can be charged while sending line level audio out.

NuForce Icon Accessories I

Available date: To be determine.

Accessory pack includes:

  • NuForce Icon Adapter I
  • USB AC Charger – high quality compact charger
  • 3.5mm stereo cable
  • mini-USB cable